arm construction

Retractable Awnings

Instant Shade

Expand the awning for shade when you need it and retract it for the open air at night

Save on Energy

More shade keeps your house cooler and saves on energy.

Light at Night

Led lighting options add value and ambience.

Essential Minimalist Design

New mechanical geometry to enhance the total tensioning of the awning when opening and closing.


Retractable Awnings

Custom made awnings that retract automatically, ellectronically or manually. Our awnings provide extra comfort to your outdoor living space and protection from the sun.
arm construction

Retractable Awnings

Expound On Your Outdoor Living Area

A shade canopy can allow you to enjoy your outdoor space much longer here in Southern Arizona.

Save on Utility Costs

Adding more shade to an area of your home that is normally exposed to the sun, uses less energy to cool that area of your home.

Add Shade Where You Need It

The sun’s UV rays can severely damage and fade furniture, carpet, upholstery, drapes and flooring.

Monsoon Season Safe

Sonoran Retractables awnings built to withstand the harsh conditions of the Arizona sun.


Rolling Shades

Custom made rolling shades are another way to shade your patio but can also completely enclose an area adding protection from bugs too.
Rolling Shade

Custom Rolling Shades

Expand Your Outdoor Living Area

Make more use out of your patio area by shading it during the hottest time of the day and when direct sunlight is at its peak.

Save on Energy

Adding shade to a patio area also adds to the efficiency of your home's cooling system and uses less energy to cool adjacent rooms.

Privacy and Bug Free

Your view remains unobstructed when looking out, but harder for others to see in. Plus, our high mesh bug resistant shades keep out all those pesky flying bugs.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Built and designed for ambiance and durability.

Sol-lux Authorized Dealer

Solar Window Awnings

Custom made solar powered awnings that automatically adjust to the sun's rays maximizing energy savings.
Rolling Shade

Solar Window Awnings

Automatic Shade Convenience

The awnings automatically adjust to the sun's trajectory providing shade to sun exposed windows. We call it shade convenience.

Save on Energy

Without having to manually adjust window coverings our solar awnings maximize your energy savings by providing shade during direct sun exposure times.

No Wires

With the solar power built into the awning cassette there is no need to worry about a power connection.

Excellent Craftsmanship

Easy to install and built to last.

Sun Protection


Permanent structures add value to your home and to your backyard lifestyle.

Solid Construction

Permanent Shade

Enjoy the outdoors rain or shine with a permanent structure pergolas.

See the Stars

Our retractable shade roof lets you enjoy the stars on perfect nights while still keeping shaded during the day.

Quality Construction

Our pergolas are constructed from high quality steel built to last and withstand the Arizona Sun.

Beautiful Construction

Our designs complement your backyard with a beautiful outdoor structure.

Industry Professionals

Since 2011 we have been installing awnings, retractable screens, and skylights. In 2020 we regrouped to form Sonoran Retractables that offers unique Italian European Proven Design in an Arizona Sun environment.

Most of our products also deliver green energy solutions to homeowners as well as businesses. Ask about our skylight options in addition to the shade products we feature here.


We strongly believe that the best product lines don’t necessarily dictate higher costs. All of the product lines we sell/install are the highest rated in their category.

Arizonan's want the best value for their money. People will pay more for quality, service and features, but they don’t have to when it comes to our product lines.

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